DEAR WHITE PEOPLE: This Church Says ‘You Are Racist No Matter What’ — Do You Agree?

Published on June 7, 2016

When you see the infographic that this church put out, you are going to see red. Do you agree with them — or do you think that they are full of crap?

The United Church of Christ (UCC), a major mainline Protestant denomination, published a Facebook post telling all whites that they are racist against non-whites, no matter what they do.

An infographic posted to the church’s Facebook page over the weekend gives white people a series of 10 tips on how to cope with their white privilege. Suggestions include “Listen when people call you on your microaggressions” and “Stop contributing to gentrification.”

But the tenth suggestion is the most notable one, telling white readers to “Recognize that you’re still racist. No matter what.”

The content of the infographic is taken from a June 1 blog post by Marchaé Grair, a social media associate for the UCC and an editor of the church’s New Sacred blog. In the blog post, Grair elaborates on the claim that whites are racist no matter what.


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