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Time to STOP the RINOs — Voters Have GOT to Keep Hillary Clinton Out of the White House

Here’s what I don’t get. John Kasich doesn’t want to support Trump because he says Trump is too divisive. Yet he thinks we need someone who can unify the country. Kasich wants compromise with an already over appeased liberal left. No thanks! I hate to tell him this but most Republicans are voting for Trump because he understands that people like me can and will never unify with the ideology of the left.

Mitt Romney is the other cry baby of the RINO-elite who says he will not vote for Trump but will consider voting for the Libertarian party candidate Gary Johnson. Consider?! What’s to consider? If you’re not voting for Trump you’re voting for Hillary. Voting for Johnson is just the roundabout way of doing it.

Romney also says he will not be attending the GOP convention in Cleveland in July. That list of refusniks also includes John McCain and both former presidents Bush. I guess Jeb is staying home to lick his wounds. As my friend Susan would say, “suck it up buttercup!”

And almost last, but in my opinion least, is Lindsey Graham. Lindsey says he wants to remain loyal to the Republican Party but cannot vote for Trump. Remain loyal?!?! Wouldn’t you first have to be loyal? This guy never passes up an opportunity to bash the right, so much so I truly believed the man to be a liberal operative of George Soros except he can’t be quiet about anything. I think Graham is using Trump’s so called racist remark as a springboard back into the safe waters of the Democratic party. Safe landing, Lindsey, we’ll miss you.

I’m not even going to touch on Paul Ryan and the way he’s been acting, and I do mean acting. The arrogance he displayed was all an act. Having to be coaxed into accepting Trump, begrudgingly deciding to stand with the presumptive nominee. This way, when he decides to run for president he can say he was talked into that position because at the time he thought it was the best way to keep Hillary out of the White House. He is just another calculating politician who cares nothing about the will of the people. Ooops, and I said I wasn’t going to mention him.

The GOP forced Trump to jump through hoops to prove he was a true conservative before he would be considered an acceptable candidate. And what did some of the GOP do? The same thing it’s been doing to the American people for quite a while now, they stabbed him in the back.

Which leads me to the big problem. Hillary Clinton the left’s presumptive nominee. This is what we will get if the right doesn’t straighten up and fly right, and I do mean right.

I watched Hillary except the nomination Tuesday night, yuck. Only Hillary could make a $12,000 Armani pant suit look dowdy; well, except maybe Madeleine Albright. Anyway the nomination was considered Historic because I’m assuming Hillary is a woman.

The funny thing about the left is being a woman is the most important thing, not that she’s qualified. Look at Obama — the only thing that mattered was that he was black because he was in no way qualified to lead this country no matter what the spin is coming out of Washington.

The left doesn’t care one bit if anything Hillary has ever done was a success. Her speech last year at the U.N. about the abuse policies against women in China was called groundbreaking, never mind that it didn’t help the women in China, their policies are now worse. Aside from the one child law which last year changed to a two child law, forced abortions are still required as well as mandatory sterilizations. Because of these policies boys outnumber girls three to one and Chinese women are not allowed to marry non-Chinese men. In fact, Hillary may be happy to learn that because of China’s one child policy and abortions in general it’s estimated that 200 million girls have “gone missing.”

And now Obama is endorsing Clinton, he did that as soon as he found out the FBI probably won’t indict until after the election which is scary when you consider Elizabeth Warren may be the v.p. pick. Obama said recently Hillary is the most qualified to lead the country and one of the most intelligent women he ever met; and he should know, he had to debate her over 200 times. This from a man who thinks there are 52 states.

I believe he’s endorsing her because he was one of the email recipients and she promised him a pardon is she’s elected.

Hillary, when you look at the evidence honestly, has never had a success. But more importantly people have died. They’ve died under mysterious circumstances and they’ve died under her watch.

I recently re-watched 13 Hours and found myself becoming even angrier than when I watched it the first time. I figured out it was because we are that much closer to electing the person who actually murdered them. But more importantly the people of this country don’t seem to care.

People died under her watch, imagine how many more under her presidency.

photo credit: Hillary Clinton & Gabrielle Giffords via photopin (license); Gage Skidmore

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Noreen O'Brien

Noreen O'Brien is a college grad. with a degree in psychology. Noreen worked for years with troubled teens and their families until the revolving door of liberalism made success for these families impossible. She grew up on cape cod Ma., Sweden, France and England and now makes Maine her home.

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