Franklin Graham JUST Kicked Obama In The COJONES Over #Orlando Massacre

Published on June 19, 2016

Rev. Franklin Graham just slammed Obama with an epic truth bomb that already has almost 250,000 shares on Facebook. In the days following the Orlando shooting, it is clear where the President’s priorities are — this clears it all up.

I appreciate President Barack Obama speaking to the nation yesterday in the wake of the Orlando massacre. He was right in saying that this tragic shooting was an act of terror and hate. But why didn’t he say it was an act of radical Islamic terrorism?

Mr. President, with all due respect, don’t forget Fort Hood; don’t forget the Boston Marathon; don’t forget San Bernardino; and don’t forget 9/11. What do they all have in common? They were all Islamic terrorists carrying out their treachery in the name of their religion.

Mr. President, your administration has cut our military to the bone and some experts say we’re the weakest we have been in modern times. It’s time we were rebuilding our military force worldwide to take on this enemy. It’s time we tighten America’s borders until we can clearly vet those we’re letting into the country.

Mr. President, how many more American lives have to be lost before you understand the threat radical Islam is to every freedom-loving person?


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