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Galveston Has FLESH Eating Bacteria In Gulf Waters … Time To Send ISIS Swimming

A flesh eating bacteria has been found at a beach in Galveston where a man is now fighting for his life after it infected his leg. Do you think we should send ISIS to this beach to swim?

A Texas man fights for his life after losing his right leg to flesh-eating bacteria. He unsuspectingly contracted the rare and potentially fatal illness while at the beach in Galveston with his grandchildren.

Brian Parrott, 50, remains closely monitored in intensive care at LBJ Hospital in Houston. Doctors performed emergency surgery earlier this week to amputate his right leg from below the knee i order to save his life. Doctors told the Jacinto City resident he likely contracted a flesh-eating bacteria through a foot sore. His family still cannot believe what happened and how quickly it all took place.

Donna Dailey, Parrott’s mother, told Houston’s Fox 26: “You go swimming with your family on Sunday you go to work on Monday, you have a red leg on Tuesday, Wednesday you have boils on your leg, Thursday you lose the leg.”

KHOU 11 reported that a week ago Sunday, Parrott took his son and grandchildren to a Galveston beach  to spend the day on the sand and in the water. Days later, Parrott became ill, vomiting. Sores erupted on his right leg. Harris County Health officials did not confirm if it was vibriosis, the type of flesh-eating infection caused by Vibrio vulnificus, a rare and potentially fatal bacteria.

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