Will Male and Female Differentiated Sports Be Abolished Thanks to Gender Delusional Players?

Written by Lee Culpepper on June 19, 2016

For high school girls across the country, the competition for college-athletic scholarships is on the verge of ascending to a whole new level.

The 44th anniversary of Title IX is less than two weeks away, but recent events suggest that the face of female athletics is changing forever.

A totally new caliber of athletic prowess is being invented for women’s sports, and ordinary women simply won’t have enough equality to compete.

To the surprise of no mentally stable person ever, virtual women, like Bruce Jenner, will prove essentially impossible to beat when it comes to antiquated women competing against them for college-athletic scholarships.

Granted, the NCAA and other college affiliations have not yet officially been forced to impose Title IX in a way that allows men to compete as women, but make no mistake about it — the writing is on the wall.

Thirty states across the country already allow high school boys to compete as girls, and recently a boy in Alaska smoked his competition at the girls’ state track and field championships. Only two girls in the entire state defeated him in his best event, and he became the first boy in Alaska history to win all-state honors as a girl.

Meanwhile, the International Olympic Committee has voted to allow men to compete as women, so long as the men lower their testosterone enough over an approved period of time.

Based on the obvious, even a blind liberal should be able to see where Title IX is headed.

The NCAA already allows females to compete on either the women’s or men’s teams as long as they aren’t taking male hormones. This fairness policy enables gender-confused women who identify as men to identify as females for scholarship and competition purposes. Of course, if it were not for the quest for fairness, this practice would almost seem like fraud.

Nevertheless, gender-confused women can also compete only as men if they have a medical waiver to take testosterone for their mental disorder. In fact, a current swimmer at Harvard has become the first athlete in NCAA history to meet this description. Of course, she went from being one of the fastest female swimmers in the nation to one of the slowest male swimmers in the pool at Harvard’s practices. But allowing her to take steroids to speed up her slow male times while denying her competition from doing the same naturally seems totally fair to completely delusional people.

While the NCAA does not currently permit men to compete as women (unless they actually are women) anyone paying attention can figure out the inevitable solution liberals will come to.

Granted, some college coaches who are traditional-feminist might stick with archaic women to field their teams when the rules do ultimately change, but these outdated idealists will surely end up losing their jobs after they consistently lose to the new brand of women athletes preferred by more progressive coaches and ultimate competition lovers.

Let’s face it, Title IX came to life in 1972 to eliminate gender discrimination in all publicly supported education programs, including athletics. However, because of reality, whenever the government imposes fairness in a naturally unfair world, one group must be punished for cheating during conception.

Over the last 44 years, colleges have decimated non-revenue male teams like wrestling, swimming, diving, and gymnastics in an effort to create more opportunities for female athletes under the requirements of Title IX. In fact, nearly 500 wrestling teams have been dropped since 1972.

Today, only 75 out of 347 NCAA Division I programs have men’s wrestling while nearly 300 of those schools have women’s softball.

Whether more men than women have wanted to play sports has never mattered to rabid Title IX supporters. If a college’s student body is 60 percent female then 60 percent of the athletes are female. Regardless of the various narratives for or against Title IX, proportionality has been the brutal reality of government imposed fairness.

Nevertheless, all of this will soon be history thanks to mental illness.

Without question, the government is going to punish anachronistic women just like it has been punishing traditional men, and the sanctions will all be justified under the guise of not playing favorites. This is simply an uncomfortable consequence of being forced to participate in the insanity of sick politicians.

Meanwhile, differentiating between truly mentally ill men who suffer from a gender delusion, psychosis, or emotional unhappiness from guys who just really want a college scholarship and a chance to play college athletics will probably prove impossible.

People like Professor Ward Churchill, Senator Elizabeth Warren, former NAACP representative Rachael Dolezel, and black activist Shaun King have all recognized the perks of pretending to be something they are not when government fairness is involved.

It’s an immoral no brainer that some males will go to the extreme to take advantage of an athletic scholarship, preferential admissions, and just a chance to play college athletics — all of which wouldn’t exist if they remained men. Whether male athletes become women due to mental illness or pragmatism, their womanhood won’t be fair to the girls they beat out in competition and scholarship offers.

Then again, life isn’t fair. It’s just a lot more unfair when mentally ill people are allowed to impose their twisted ideas of fairness on the rest of us.

Image: photo credit: 100 meter dash via photopin (license); Al Case

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Lee Culpepper is a former United States Marine Corps officer and a recovering high school English teacher. Culpepper has taught and mentored youths from nearly every walk of life across America. During his final endeavor in public education, Culpepper invested in the lives of teens in a small southern town with the dubious honor of being one of America’s poorest and most dangerous cities. During this experience, Culpepper planted a flag for the American message concerning work ethic, sacrifice, personal accountability, and perseverance among exploited youths indoctrinated in government dependency. Lee Culpepper’s continued commitment to the lives of these young people has left them questioning the liberal canards concerning government benevolence. Lee Culpepper grew up in McLean, Virginia, with a temporary move just outside Akron, Ohio. After returning to McLean, Culpepper rejoices today that he escaped Northern Virginia’s liberal bastion unaffected by progressive propaganda that now contaminates so many of his high school and childhood friends. Follow Lee Culpepper on Twitter @drcoolpepper or email him at drcoolpepper@gmail.com.