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This Girl Graduated Top of Her Class…But LOOK Why People Are FUMING About It

In a day and age when merely showing up for high school practically ensures you a 4.0 GPA, it might seem a little surprising that a recent high school grad’s braggadocious tweet went viral. Boy, did it ever. But, it was less about her self-serving “intelligence” and full ride into University , and more about the fact that she flaunted all this and the fact she’s an illegal alien to boot.


I guess this is further proof that basic intelligence can’t be learned in school. Submitted for your approval, Miss Mayte Lara, the valedictorian at a school with an pretty poor education reputation.

Crockett High School is currently rated 950th out of 1,694 Texas high schools and is below English, Algebra, Science and History district standards. According to, the average SAT score at Crockett High is 866 and the school rates in the bottom 30% in the state.

When you consider Texas’ statewide education reputation the stats look even worse. Basically, Mayte’s main competition for valedictorian was most likely the school mascot and a week old burrito.

All this to say, Miss Lara’s “book lernin” didn’t enlighten her as to the real world awkwardness and illegality of bragging that you’re in this country against the law and just completed years of education all on the taxpayers dime.

Lara’s entire Twitter account was deleted when public reaction went ballistic.


But hey, don’t worry about it, kiddo. You’ll probably get the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Obama as one last bird-flip to actual Americans. No word from the University of Texas as to whether her full ride through that taxpayer funded school has been revoked or even reexamined. Here’s the phone number for the University’s Chancellor, William McRaven. You know, in case anybody wants to share their thoughts on a public school enabling a person who spent the last four years subverting of the rule of law.

If you’d like to contact UT’s Chancellor about this and let him know how you feel, use the information below:


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