GOP Wussification: Republican ‘Elites’ Retreat To A ‘SAFE SPACE’ Free From Trump … Guess Where?

Published on June 9, 2016

The #NeverTrumpers still refuse to give up, and now they are retreating to a ‘safe place’ where they can hate on Trump together. They are still trying to make a plan to beat Trump by throwing in a third party run, do you think they would be better off throwing their support behind Hillary Clinton?

(CNN) One year ago the question hovering over Park City, Utah, was which presidential candidate could capture the hearts of Mitt Romney’s friends.

Less than a week later, Donald Trump said he was running for president and made them his enemy. And he beat them.

Now, with Trump as the GOP nominee, those same Republican fundraisers, business titans and longtime friends of Romney are back to huddle far from Trump Tower.

Attendees caution that Romney’s annual summit — The Experts and Enthusiasts, or E2, retreat — is not an exclusive conclave for the #NeverTrump movement. Yet it is the closest thing to a safe space for conservatives who agree that Trump is not a Republican in the mold of their 2012 Republican nominee, who remains revered by associates.

Romney, who has criticized Trump at every turn, will brief his allies in a highly-anticipated, even if brief, set of remarks Thursday evening.

Two Republicans who have been the most uneasy with Trump’s ascension: House Speaker Paul Ryan, who just endorsed Trump last week, and Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse, who has refused to, will speak, their offices confirmed.

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Republicans and Ted Cruz partisans are also talking about staging a delegate ‘coup’ in July. Check this out…

As Republican Donald Trump roils the GOP establishment with controversial comments like his remarks about ‘Mexican’ judge Gonazalo Curiel, prominent former members of Texas Senator Ted Cruz‘s campaign team are publicly calling for a ‘revolt’ at the GOP convention to strip the nomination away.

‘Our delegates have an obligation come July to do what’s right for the Republican Party, not just anoint Donald Trump,’ Cruz’s New Jersey state director Steve Lonegan told CNN Tuesday.

‘I would love to see a revolt,’ Lonegan continued. ‘And what I’m seeing right now, it’s time for the Republican Party to get some backbone and stand up against this guy.’

‘It’s time for a #DelegateRevolt!’ he tweeted this week. Other members of Cruz’s team have been calling for similar tactics.

Bob Vander Plaats, a prominent Iowa conservative who co-chaired Cruz’s campaign told NBC that ‘everything’s got to be on the table’ including letting delegates pledged to Trump to buck him anyway, the Washington Examiner reported.

Iowa radio host Steve Deace told his listeners, ‘You can end this and it’s on you to do so. The rules permit you to do so.You have a choice to make: You can suffer the wrath of Trump’s cult now, or you can suffer the wrath of the American voter later.’

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