Once ISIS Realizes They’re LOSING, They Will Revert to This SICK Plan Instead

Written by Wes Walker on June 21, 2016

Does an ISIS fighter have a Plan B?

The propaganda paints a picture that their fighters are indifferent to death. Determined. Fierce. Unrelenting. That they will take that proverbial last stand, bringing as many infidels as possible down in the process. Well — no, not so much.

Turns out they are getting their butts kicked six ways past Sunday on at least one front. The Libyan Brigades have been advancing against ISIS strongholds, including the port city of Sirte. Sirte has been held for 18 months by ISIS, but there is evidence that they are now fleeing the onslaught.

What is next in an Islamist combatant’s future after their side loses a ground war? They’ve already done the “Will kill infidels for food” thing. That didn’t work out.

Actually, we already know what they’ll do: exactly what ISIS said they would do.

They’ve learned that when their victims shoot back, things go badly. [Refer back to “six ways past Sunday”, above.] Moving on, they will execute Plan B. In fact, they already have.

If reports are accurate about hundreds of ISIS supporters being driven out of strongholds, where are they going? They can’t stay put, they would eventually be killed or imprisoned. They’ll do what everyone else is doing. Blend in and head over to Europe (or America). From the beginning, ISIS even told us that this was the plan. They wanted to conceal jihadis among these waves of humanity. Use our own hospitality as a weapon against us, to destroy a way of life they see as an abomination.

We have seen their handiwork in Brussels. In Paris. We have seen the mobs terrorizing locals even in the very communities and shelters made to welcome them. Of course there are real instances of hardship among the migrants. People, some of them, at least, really are fleeing for their lives. But many more are gaming the system.

Consider the following headline: “Revealed: Jihadis Cut Off Beards, Pose as Migrants” (Daily Mail). Attached to that story are photos taken near the Islamist stronghold the Libyan Brigades are advancing toward. Those photos show a sink filled with clippings from hair and beard. But it’s probably nothing, right? By the way, did you have a Happy “World Refugee Day”?

Now would probably be a bad time to mention the network from South America that was found to have been smuggling people into America from the Middle East, right? Would it also be a bad time to mention the sophisticated fake passports being used by ISIS members to appear as innocent civilians?

Would it be a bad time to mention that the CIA Director John Brennan mentioned all of these same things? (Which thoroughly debunks and demolishes the narrative the Executive Branch has been spinning all along.)

If security and identification measures created to distinguish between the harmless and the malevolent visitors to destination countries have been compromised, what reasonable recourse to those destination countries have?

Travel under certain passports will need to be reevaluated. Restrictions will need to be put in place until we can sort out the real from the counterfeit. We may wish to reconsider which Visas we offer to some of these places until it gets properly regulated. (This shouldn’t even be controversial. Isn’t “regulated” normally the Left’s favorite word?)

And, of course, we need to take our Southern border seriously. It is already been shown that jihadists are happy to exploit it. To any responsible government, the protection of civilians from threats is much higher priority than kissing political ass.

If only there still were such thing as a responsible government, that is.

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