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Knife Wielding KIDNAPPER Takes Woman Hostage … Until This BAD ASS Stepped In

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What would you have done if you saw this happening in front of you? Would you have stepped in and saved this woman, or would you have take out your phone to record it? One man did something that made him a hero and saved this woman’s life. Check it out…

A man bravely ran to the aid of an Oregon museum gift shop worker who was allegedly being dragged at knifepoint by a man who threatened to kill her.

Duncan McDonnell is not sure if he was at the wrong place at the right time or the right place at the wrong time when he decided to help the employee as chaos broke out at the High Desert Museum on Tuesday.

Regardless, he said he would not have forgiven himself if he stood back and watched as 36-year-old Nicholas Berger forced the 38-year-old woman through exhibit halls while holding her in a headlock and threatening to kill her.

Before Tuesday’s incident unfolded, which ultimately ended with Berger being fatally shot by a state police trooper, McDonnell had been observing turtles with a friend when he heard a woman scream.

He recalled hearing shouts of ‘Let her go, you’re choking her’ and ‘She can’t breathe,’ to which a man replied, ‘I’m going to kill her,’ Oregon Live reported.

McDonnell raced towards the commotion where he found the six-foot-six, 425-pound Berger grasping the five-foot-three petite woman around the neck with one arm, and a fistful of her hair in his other hand as he dragged her backwards.

‘To see someone with that level of fear in their eyes was pretty scary,’ McDonnell told Oregon Live.

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