LIBERAL LOGIC: ‘The #Orlando Terrorist DOESN’T Represent Islam But He DOES Represent Gun-Owners?’


How is it that the liberal media jumps to attack gun owners instead of the terrorist act itself and the hateful idea and religion behind it? That’s just the thing with liberal logic: it doesn’t make sense, and it never will if you’re a logical person.

The attack on the club was a reprehensible act and sadly as well as predictably, it will be used by gun control forces to attack our constitutional rights.

There is an agenda there and it has nothing to do with public safety. Anyone being honest can reason out that had there been armed citizens there, the Muslim terrorist could not have murdered 50 people and wounded an additional 53.

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Gun control proponents will not address that issue beyond saying that no one should have guns, except government, of course.

Many politicians are working hard to disarm the civilian population. Sadly, being military or former military will not necessarily guarantee any respect for Second Amendment rights. The disgraced General Petraeus has launched a gun control group with Mark Kelly These two former military members are oath breakers and traitors to their oaths, and Mark Kelly was quoted in the dailycaller article saying, “As service members, each of us swore an oath to protect our Constitution and the homeland,” and yet he works toward civilian disarmament: he is without excuse, having verbally affirmed that he took an oath to defend the Constitution.

Instead, he chooses with others to shred it.

Since the attacks, I have heard calls for giving government more powers. The answer is not more encroachment of our civil rights; it is empowering us. We need to develop local militias and as it turns out, there is a perfect vehicle for this.

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