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Libs Say, ‘Nothing NEW Learned In #Benghazi Report’ — We Say What About THESE Damning REVELATIONS

Benghazi is one of the classical examples showing just how far apart the establishment’s view of governmental authority is from what the Framers intended. For bonus points, it shines a light on how the Drive-by Media has contented itself to be nothing less the A-V department of the Democratic party.

Democrats from the House Select Committee on Benghazi have released a report (339 pages long) commenting on the events surrounding the horrific events of 2012. You will remember Benghazi where four Americans serving their country abroad were humiliated and killed in ways that even death row inmates need never fear. You might also remember that ambassadors are normally afforded special protections even among warring nations. This did nothing to help him that night. (And neither did Hillary.)

From what I have read of the Framers’ writings, I find it difficult to imagine that they would be so unprincipled as to close ranks around someone like Hillary Clinton. She has profited from her role as Secretary of State, selling access to foreign investors and donors — connections, if they were above-board, would not need to have been concealed from her official calendar.

They were the sort of people to lionize Cincinnatus, (after whom at least one American city was named) who held power only long enough to steer Rome through a crisis, and promptly resigned after it was over. It’s the kind of attitude that kept George Washington from becoming a career politician.

They held to the outrageous idea that public servants should not be — well — self-serving. That it was their sworn duty to work in the best interests of the people who sent them to serve in office. That they would abide by the stated limits of their power, and — so far as they were able — conduct themselves with integrity and a clear conscience while executing the duties of their office. The Oath of Office (from a time where such oaths actually meant something) showed how seriously they took these responsibilities.

Fast-forward two hundred and some odd years, and we can the games the Democrats are playing with American lives today.

For someone who included the “It’s 3 am … something is happening in the world … who do you want answering the phone” in an ad for her endorsement the Benghazi situation is a nightmarish irony. That was exactly the situation she claimed to be ready for. And 4 people died, while she did nothing.

But that doesn’t make a good narrative for how she will make the Most-Awesomest-Womyn-President-of-Ever. Or whatever her sycophant fanboys at the alphabet media would call her. So the Democrats, in their never-ending quest to massage the narrative (with Clinton’s complicit associates and former employees in the media) got ahead of the story and released their own report.

Rush Limbaugh had a segment on his show about it. And man was he pissed. Guess whose name appeared in the Democrats’ report 23 times?

Donald J. Trump. Yes, somehow, in a report discussing events halfway around the world in Libya, where the support system that failed 4 Americans in so many different ways, attention was turned toward a private citizen that was busy conducting a very large business at the time.

In a report that is 339 pages long, how do we put those 23 times in context?

First off, by comparing that to the mentions of those who died. Stevens and Smith have more than 23 mentions (85 and 36) but two dead Navy Seals (Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty) have fewer mentions COMBINED than Donald Trump.

Second, by pointing out Trump hasn’t yet held a public office. What kind of an idiot holds someone accountable for an job that wasn’t theirs? Any attempt to tie Trump to the events of September 11, 2012 is nothing but shameless scapegoating and deflection. Someone was in charge that night. And that “someone” is running against the guy they named 23 times. Coincidence?

The entire party is more concerned about perpetuating their power than speaking honestly about the events that claimed 4 victims that night. But then again, we already knew that, didn’t we? She even lied to the bereaved in the very presence of the corpses, citing that video.

Here’s what Rush Limbaugh had to say about it:

“Mrs. Clinton gaining the White House, it’s all that matters,” he said, according to the show’s transcripts.

“Hillary Clinton is a security risk before she blabs to her daughter about what really went on,” Limbaugh explained. “She is a security risk before she’s calling all of these foreign leaders and admitting that they are lying.”

“I’ll tell you something that’s new that the Americans have found out and our enemies have found out at the same time, which is that Hillary Clinton is a blabbermouth,” he said. “She’ll tell top-secret information to her daughter, Chelsea — who probably doesn’t have any security clearance — and make her into a target for international espionage.”

“Hillary Clinton’s been selling access to her future presidency for years — to foreign governments, foreign entities — to the tune of over $100 million,” he said.

“They have sold everything about this country and its policy and its future for their own personal gain in terms of amassing incredible wealth. Security risk? Long ago was that established.”

This former Navy SEAL issues a blistering reaction to Hillary’s Benghazi report:

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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