Michelle SLAMS Border Security — But Forgets This ONE Thing

Written by Wes Walker on June 5, 2016

It doesn’t take very long for Obama quotes to be proven factually incorrect, but this time, it came back with a twist.

While President, Barack has provided a bumper crop of quotes that quickly leave him looking stupid. Remember when he called ISIS the jayvee team. Or the time he said ISIS was “contained” one day before the slaughter in Paris? Sometimes we even get the juicy ones like the crazy “Oke-doke” stutter (somebody PLEASE remix that!) when he went off-script.

But sometimes Michelle opens her mouth. And it took no time at all for her to reality to hammer her claims.

Some bright spark thought it would be a good idea to have Michelle do the commencement address at CUNY. (But I suppose, if “Snookie” can do a commencement speech, everyone is qualified these days.) And so she spoke. There’s even a transcript of the speech if you’re looking for a drug-free sleep aid.

The entire speech was practically a showcase of all the tired multiculti talking points. She made the usual “America is horrible because slavery” swipes. (Was she truly descended from slaves as she claimed in the speech, or was that just pandering?) She made a token nod to merit, while strongly implying systemic racism. She praised a student’s quote about diversity of thought, despite living in a Progressive echo-chamber, and in the very next paragraph, denigrated people who she disagrees with.

She said “here in America, we don’t give in to our fears. We don’t build up walls.”

What did she mean by that? Obviously, it was a dig at Trump and his pledge to build a wall. It was also making the (ridiculous) claim that Republicans are divisive. (Implied: that Democrats are unifiers.) As though Michelle’s own husband hasn’t made an entire career on splitting people into aggrieved interest groups each with an axe to grind against the convenient right-wing enemy du jour. As though she doesn’t personally pander to divisive race-baiting or sexually anti-normative groups to advance pet political causes.

It was simply dishonest. Those who want border security don’t hate outsiders. They want to exclude those who reject the American Melting Pot that Michelle went on to praise in this same speech. They only reject those who refuse to adhere the laws governing every law-abiding American citizen.

For all her sanctimonious tut-tutting the Republican’s interest in a secure border, it backfired on Friday when someone was apprehended at the border. The person who was apprehended at the border had — from the perspective of the Democrat’s narrative — shall we say, “problematic associations”.

That “someone” apprehended at the border was Afghani. That’s a helluva long way for a “dreamer” – as Obama keeps calling illegal immigrants — to travel, don’t cha think? Not only was he Afghani, but — whoops! — he came over the Mexican border illegally.

For a couple that dismisses as rhetoric and fearful handwringing any concerns about the security of the Southern Border, any security risks or any possibility of that porous border being used by those who mean the nation harm, the news is already bad at this point, but is about to get worse… much worse.


You guessed it! The Afghani guy apprehended at the border — devoutly Amish, one can only assume — was not only an illegal but made deliberate use of a smuggling network to get him into the country. He arrived in Brazil, went through Mexico, and showed up 15 miles into Arizona. (Source here.)

Oh right. One more thing. Homeland Security has him in custody because he was involved in a plot to launch an attack in either Canada or the US.

Is that bad news? Sure. But there is worse news.

That would be the fact that Mexican smugglers have received dozens of money transfers from the Middle East or people with Middle Eastern names.

Ha, ha, ha. Increase border security. What a dumb idea. Ha ha ha…. Ha Ha…. oops.

Poor Michelle. At least she has the media to cover for her bumbling. At least, until something goes boom.

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