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#NeverTrump Jackass MOCKS The Girl BRUTALIZED At Trump Rally

This #NeverTrump idiot just showed his true colors by mocking the girl who was assaulted and brutalized at Trump’s rally in San Jose.

Ben Howe, a leader of the dwindling so-called #NeverTrump group of moderate bloggers, pundits, and political consultants on the right, mocked the defenseless woman in San Jose whom protesters pelted with bottles, eggs, and food on Thursday night.

Howe, who is a RedState contributing editor, has been leading the growingly embarrassing so-called #NeverTrump movement of moderate “movement conservative” political consultants, pundits, and bloggers upset over Trump’s victory in the Republican primary.

When he received backlash over his mocking of the woman covered in egg yolks thanks to anti-Trump protesters, he aimed to draw a moral equivalence between a woman being pelted with bottles and eggs and a reporter who had her arm grabbed while chasing a presidential candidate.

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