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PATRIOTS: Paul Ryan Just CAVED on Guns — Do You TRUST Him with the 2nd Amendment?

Paul Ryan has caved to the Democrats on gun control. Are you going to trust him on this vote? Or do you think that he is just another RINO that will attempt to grab your guns?

The House will vote on a counterterrorism package that will include a provision to prevent suspected terrorists from buying guns, Speaker Paul D. Ryan told Republicans on a conference call Thursday, according to a source on the call.

The House, when it returns next week from its July Fourth recess, will also vote on a mental health bill, sponsored by Pennsylvania GOP Rep. Tim Murphy, Ryan told his House colleagues.

Republicans believe terrorism and mental illness have been leading causes of most mass shootings.

Ryan’s decision comes a week after Democrats disrupted House activities  with a nearly 26-hour sit-in demanding action on gun control. It’s unclear whether Ryan’s proposal would include the broad “no fly, no buy” proposal Democrats have supported or a more limited version endorsed by the National Rifle Association.

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