PATRIOTS: Who’s Our REAL Enemy … Radical Islam Or The NRA?

Published on June 12, 2016

Who do you think are the real ones to blame for recent gun violence — the NRA or radical Islam? Do you believe that guns are to blame for the terror attack in Orlando, or a violent ideology?

This is just awful. One would think people could put aside politics for just one day and not jump to politicize the attack. After all, it’s really not a time for politics, our nation should be rushing to show support and comfort rather than hatred. But as is often the case in these situations, the Left cannot help themselves and immediately line up behind the notion of Chicago Mayor and former Chief of Staff to President Obama, Rahn Emanuel, and decide to “never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

As a result, before bodies were removed, before spilled blood was cleaned, and before families even had the chance to mourn the dead, the priggish and holier-than-thou began tap dancing on the dead. Instead of offering condolences or directing people where they could go to assist or give blood, it became more important to some on the left to tell everyone who, in their minds is the real enemy … the NRA. And then proceed to offer up the “solution” to all of our problems … generic gun control blather.

The NRA is the Left’s favorite bogeyman whenever there is a mass shooting, and this time it was no different. The moral preening was there in all its glory, particularly from Think Progress’s Igor Volsky, who in a response to a tweet about the shooting by Speaker Paul Ryan tweeted the following:

The President was sure to allude to gun control today in his remarks, but said NOTHING of radical Islam. Others who were happily throwing knives at the NRA also conveniently skipped mentioning the shooter’s motives. They ignored his 911 call to pledge allegiance to ISIS because to do so would force them to face a political firestorm they don’t have the guts to deal with.

Blaming the NRA and saying, “We need to do something” is the easy way out. So you can be sure that is most definitely what they’ll continue to do, knowing full well, it is not the problem.

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