PC MADNESS: Guess What COPS Are Training MUSLIMS To Do In Tampa?

Do you think this is ironic? Take a look at what these Muslim Mosque-goers are now learning from Law Enforcement thanks to CAIR.

From a Fox 13 report, a law enforcement officer is teaching Muslims in Tampa, FL area how to be safe if they encounter violence.

“Everybody feels to a very extent safe, but in the last few days we have had a few incidents at the mosque,” said Magda Saleh, a member of one of the mosques visited by the officer. “In general, people have been very kind and nice and respectful and there haven’t been that many incidents that compare to the number of people we are. If it happens to one person it could happen again. We just want to be prepared.”

Nezar Hamze, a law enforcement officer and member of the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR), is making his way to local mosques to tell members how to be safe and protect each other in an attack.

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