POP QUIZ: Guess Who Pays Women MORE … Trump Or Hillary?

Published on June 19, 2016

Here’s a great pop quiz, especially for feminist Hillary supporters who are constantly whining about women who make less money than men. Take a wild guess who makes more working for Hillary or Trump?

Women make more working for Donald Trump‘s campaign than Hillary Clinton‘s – but don’t make as much as their male peers.

The Boston Globe looked at the payrolls of the two top candidates’ campaigns and found that, on average, those working for the Democratic frontrunner made less money, though there was only a $50 difference between what men and women took home.

Meanwhile, Trump paid his leaner staff more handsomely, but women made 35 percent less than their male counterparts – a difference of $1,600.  

Out of Trump’s staff – 113 employees who were paid a total of $635,000 in the month of April – 28 percent are women, which means 72 percent are men.

In April, the women on Trump’s staff took home $4,500.

The men on Trump’s staff made $6,100, which accounts for 35 percent more, making the Trump pay gap slightly bigger than what it is on average nationally.

Of the top 15 employees for The Donald, just two are women.

Meanwhile, over in Hillaryland, the former secretary of state’s highest earner is a woman – Jennifer Palmieri, the campaign’s director of communications.

She has 670 staffers making more than $1,000 a month, which was the figure the Globe used to distinguish who was full-time employee.

The total payout for the staff was $2.5 million in a month’s time.

Overall, seven of Clinton’s top paid employees are women and a majority of employees – 53 percent – are female.

Those women took home an average of $3,710 in April, while the men earned $3,760.

Despite the fact that the men outearned the women ever-so-slightly, the Clinton campaign considered this a pay gap victory.

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