QUESTION: How FAR Will You Fight For Your RIGHT To Keep & Bear ARMS?

Published on June 30, 2016

When it comes down to keeping your right to bear arms, how far will you go to preserve your rights? Will you fight back against the gun grabbers or will you let them have their way?

Guns are in the news once again after the tragic shooting in South Carolina on the 18th. Before the shooter had even been apprehended, the mainstream media was in full swing denouncing the right to own guns, calling gun owners criminals, and demanding laws to ban and confiscate firearms. The news propagandists seized upon the opportunity to push forward their unconstitutional, anti-Freedom disarmament agenda.

Let me be blunt – the only thing currently keeping this world from plunging into total global tyranny is the American gun owner. This is why the establishment, like a rabid animal, is foaming at the mouth in delirium that this might be their opportunity to finally enslave our nation, and, thus, the world, once and for all. But self-defense is a God-given right which no tyrant, regime, or unthinking populace can revoke.

Even our president ludicrously claimed that mass shootings like this don’t happen in other countries. First, that is not true – mass shootings do indeed happen outside of the United States. Need I remind everyone of the mass shooting in Norway in 2011 that claimed the lives of approximately 80 individuals? Or what about the Charlie Hebdo shooting in France earlier this year where 12 people were gunned down? Many more could be cited and in fact countries which have banned firearms, such as Britain and Australia, have higher crime rates.

Second, if shootings in other countries are fewer, it would be much more logical to assume that it is because most of the world is disarmed and lives in abject submission to their governments. In America, however, we are armed and thus retain a semblance of our Freedom (though our Liberty is now in tatters and is on the verge of being absolutely erased). Without the right to defend ourselves, we would have no check against government tyranny.

James Madison himself boasted in his 1788 Federalist no. 46 of “the advantage of being armed” that America possessed over the world, whereas European governments “are afraid to trust the people with arms.” Yes, tyrannical regimes always fear their people and want to keep them in submission. They accomplish this in numerous ways, including disarmament and arms restrictions.

Despite the propaganda of these hardened tyrants and their naive minions, more guns equals more safety. More guns means less crime. More guns means more people coming home at night to their families. More guns equates to greater Freedom, especially when the people are moral and God-fearing. I have adapted the phrase “an armed society is a polite society” to read “an armed and moral society is a polite society.” No society, no matter how well armed or well protected by just laws, can survive immorality and licentiousness. But back to the topic at hand.

The fact of the matter is that restricting guns leads to greater crime whereas more guns means less crime. You need only look at American cities where guns have been restricted or banned to see the truthfulness of this statement. In globalist-controlled areas such as Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, or D.C. where good people have had their right to self-defense taken from them, the crime rates are off the charts. I won’t say any more about this, but I refer you to the following articles for more information about true gun statics.

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