QUESTION: Did Hillary TURN Her Job As Sec of State Into A PRIVATE Hedge Fund?

Published on June 8, 2016

Did Hillary turn her job into a means to profiting the Clinton Foundation? Or do you think that Hillary would never do something like this? Donald Trump is now going after Killary for that very reason. Check it out…

During his victory speech Republican nominee-in-waiting Donald Trump called for GOP unity while accusing Hillary Clinton of “turning the State Department into her private hedge fund,” to benefit the Clinton Foundation.

Speaking from his campaign headquarters in New York on Tuesday, Trump accused the Clinton family of being politicians who have used the political system for personal gain.

He accused Hillary Clinton of using her status as Secretary of State to earn personal funds for personal gain as the Clinton Foundation accepted money from Saudi Arabia and Russia.

“It is a sad day in America when foreign governments have greater influence than the country’s people,” said Trump who said he would give a more detailed speech about the Clintons’ and their foundation next week. “I had to give back to my country that has been so good to me, and to my family.”

The connection between the former Secretary of State and the funding stream of the Clinton Foundation has received heavy criticism from others. Most recently the other Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said he saw it as a conflict of interest in an interview with CNN on Sunday.

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