QUESTION: Is ‘Islam THE Problem’ And NOT ‘Radical Islamic Terror?’

Do you think that the real problem is just plain Islam? Or do you think it only becomes a problem when a Muslim becomes radicalized? This gay commentator has something to say about it that the Religion of Peace is not going to like.

Milo Yiannopoulos appeared today on Buckshot: The Buck Sexton Show to discuss the warning of Europe’s experience with mass Muslim immigration and to warn gay people that they cannot rely on the regressive left to protect them anymore.

“My message to gays it that the left does not have your back. They’re not interested really in protecting minorities. You may have many listeners who are Christians that may not totally be down with the gay thing, I understand that, I’m a gay Catholic I wrestled with these things myself but ultimately these people are Americans”

“What needs to happen now is a real reckoning in america, an understanding that this isn’t an Islamic terror problem, this is an Islam problem. 100 million people live in a country where the penalty for homosexuality is death, a 1001 out of 1001 british muslims, 100% believe that homosexuality is an unacceptable lifestyle choice.”

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