QUESTION: Is Trump RIGHT? Is It Time To BAN Muslim Immigration?

After this morning’s terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida, will Americans now listen to Trump about Muslim immigration? Or do you think that isn’t right to do?

Sebastian Gorka believes that it is finally time for America to wake up in the face of terrorism:

As the connection between the Orlando nightclub mass shooting and radical Islam becomes clearer, Dr. Sebastian Gorka says it’s time for all Americans – particularly President Obama – to recognize the threat posed by jihadists.

“In the past 15 years, we haven’t seen an Episcopalian suicide bomber. We haven’t seen Zoroastrian mass murderers. We’ve seen Muslim extremists,” Gorka said. “If you deny that, you are in a fantasy land, and you’re endangering American citizens.”

“It’s time to wake up, America. The war is here.”

Gorka said that he hopes the horrific attack in Orlando – which left at least 50 people dead and dozens wounded – will be the event that finally makes the Obama administration understand that it is no longer a time for political correctness.

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