QUESTION: Who’s The REAL Racist … Trump Or Obama?

Obama just called Donald Trump a xenophobe and a nativist — who do you think is the real racist? Considering the amount of division that Obama has caused in the last 8 years of his Presidency, some may think that this is actually the other way around.

In a screed that he himself described as a “rant,” the president said that a populist must fight for the working class and “ordinary people,” which he charged Trump has never done, and not simply criticize the downside of the global economy or denigrate immigrants.

“That’s not the measure of populism,” Obama said. “That’s nativism. Or xenophobia. Or worse.”

Without naming Trump, Obama said people “don’t suddenly become a populist because they say something controversial in order to win votes.” (LA Times)

Watch the video below:

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