RECONQUISTA THIS: Here’s A Post For MEXICANS Who Want To TURN America Into Mexico

Written by Wes Walker on June 5, 2016

Mexicans who want to take back America and make it Mexico are really not going to like this post.

This perfectly sums up just how illogical their arguments really are:


Hey Mexico, guess what? The land is Not yours. We’ve still got the receipt to prove it. But we’ll come back to that point shortly.

It has become fashionable for the professionally-aggrieved to frame their arguments by attacking the legitimacy of whichever institution blocks the progress of their objectives.

For Mexican Nationalists and their American-born sympathizers, that means attacking the legitimacy of America itself.  If America’s current borders are legitimate, they have no grounds to push for the Annexation of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

They have been watching and learning from the success of other agitator groups and their tactics – long on slogans, short on truth. If the public can rally around a lie as discredited as “Hands Up Don’t shoot”, the give our land back” angle should be a slam dunk. Right?

Well maybe, if you don’t look too closely. There are few stubborn facts along the way.

You are arguing for past borders. Ok, but which ones? Back in the 1840s, Mexico claimed Texas belonged to it, even though both France and England recognized its autonomy. If you accept that as sufficient for a Mexican claim on Texas, then it’s time you tear the “Free Tibet” sticker off of your Prius. (But it’s “your” land.)

Maybe you remember a little dustup where you wanted to show Texas who’s boss. How’d that work out for you? You incited a war, got your backside handed to you on a plate, and watched your own government fall in the process. You sure showed them. (But it’s “your” land.)

When your side realized it had been beaten in a war they initiated, it was given a cash settlement of $15M as part of the treaty where Mexico SOLD (!) those lands to the US in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. (But it’s “your” land.)

Funny thing about your logic. You have chosen a historical date convenient to your agenda. Why the 1840’s? Why don’t you argue for the historical boundaries fifty years earlier? Oh, that’s right. Because then you’d be making a case for returning to Spanish rule. Overturning Cinco de Mayo and whatnot. (But it’s ” your” land.)

You, Mexican Nationalists, have chosen the boundaries as conquered by the Spanish colonists, whose rule you did not even accept over yourselves, but whose EMPIRE, and rule over others you claim FOR yourselves. (But it’s “your” land.)

Why do you think you have a claim on those American States? Because Spanish Empire. Why does Spain have no claim on Mexico? Because independence. See the contradiction yet? Probably not.

Asking Native Americans whether they accept your spanish claims of an empire would add yet another level of complication.

The final nail in the coffin also comes from the treaty.

Everyone living in the affected territories may choose, either to relocate South of the Rio Grande or to become citizens of the United States.

Roughly 90% chose to stay.

To recap: Spain extended its Empire into the Americas. Mexico rejected thier rule but wanted to keep the empire part. Texas was independent. Mexico declared war to annex it. Mexico lost the war. The land was conceded. Millions were paid to Mexico in compensation, and in the end, residents of the affected territory voted with their feet by a 9:1 margin to stay as Americans.

“But it’s their land.” Correct. lt is the land of that 90% who chose to stay on as Americans. Tell me who has a more legitimate claim?

Mexicans forfeited any claim when they first sold it and second, abandoned it.

You’re feeling seller’s remorse. But that’s your problem, not ours. Deal with it.

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