SCOTT BAIO’S POP QUIZ: Is Obama ‘Dumb, Or A Muslim Or A Muslim Sympathizer?’ (We Added A 4th Option Also!)

Published on June 18, 2016

Scott Baio dropped an epic truth bomb and pop quiz on America following Obama’s reaction to the latest terrorist attack on American soil. Which do you think best describes Obama out of the four choices?

In the wake of yet another attack on American soil by a radicalized Muslin gunman, actor Scott Baio questioned whether President Barack Obama wants to “eliminate the United States as it was created.”

Appearing on Fox Business, the former “Happy Days” star was asked if the president is reluctant to say “Islamic terror.”

“He’s absolutely reluctant,” Baio replied. “I can’t tell, Lester, if he’s dumb, he’s a Muslim or he’s a Muslim sympathizer.”

“And I don’t think he’s dumb.”

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