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SELENA GOMEZ: Just Ticked Off LOTS Of Liberals and We LOVE It

What happens if you are from North Carolina and you want to catch a live concert? Are you just out of luck? Nope. For all the negative press, some acts are still going ahead. For example, Selena Gomez. Her show, it has been announced, will go on.

I would absolutely LOVE to tell you this is a story about someone giving the big one-finger salute to the PC police. Something like that from a young act would be refreshing news for sure. I would love to, but I won’t.

Instead, we will have to settle for the runner-up story. Toe the party line with respect to bathroom legislation, make special mention that gender-neutral bathrooms are available at the venue, but will stop short of cancelling tour dates in that state.

It is still an instance of capitulation, but at least it leaves out the “conform or else” SJW pressure tactics. At least, the conforming in this instance is performed voluntarily on the part of the part of Miss Gomez rather than mandated against an entire state. (i.e. comply or else).

The legislation is hated by the Left. Passionately hated. Here’s one quote from a rant written by one of their activists.

“Laws like Carolina’s HR2 have only been created by the right-wing in response to marriage equity being the law of the land. This is their revenge. And, it is disgraceful.”

Revenge? Oh, Puh-leeze.

By “revenge” I suppose you mean an act of spite given as punishment for someone who doesn’t comply with your expectations. Right?

An act of spite. Hmmm…. do you mean something like cancelling a tour date in a State because you don’t like legislation that state has passed? You know, using your adoring fans as pawns to pressure someone you care nothing about to do something you didn’t know you cared about only a few short years ago.


Like Paypal refusing to do business in North Carolina. Because government buildings have this restriction. They could use any bathroom they like, but they want the government to obey. And they are using their own people as pawns. Employees, (real or potential) and their customers have been alerted to the issue as a result of their political involvement, so those groups can pressure the government.


Like big-name production studios threatening some states that they will stop filming there if they don’t like the laws.


At least Miss Gomez did it the right way. She was not trying to police the behaviour of others. Unlike typical SJWs forcing strangers to live by their morality, Miss Gomez focussed on the more reasonable task of keeping her own conscience clear.

And really, when you look at all the drama, what was this really about? It was about using the same bathroom your birth certificate says.

Shock! Horror! Bigot!

I know, I know. Horrible, right? Well did you know North Carolinians can already change the gender on their birth certificates? It’s apparently as easy as changing your last name.

So, according to the law, even this horrible, horrible racist policy means that someone who has a fully functional masculine form can use the ladies’ room supposing he felt so strongly that they changed that ID.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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