SORTING TRUTH FROM LIES Is More Essential Than Ever in This Campaign Year

Written by Rob Morse on June 3, 2016

We are being told and sold too many lies. At the risk of being accused of hate speech, let us look at the most obvious of the public lies we’re told today. Anyone can understand why politicians and special interests lie to us. They seek their own benefit. They always have. The sad fact is that we are now living so fast that it is harder than ever to sort the lies from the truth. We can get 144 characters fed into our phone faster than we can make sense of them. An unquestioned lie becomes the truth. It is up to us to sort them out, and it matters. Let’s look at the obvious lies first.

Poverty isn’t an accident. Most of us learned at an early age that a job let us live where we wanted and let us control our own lives. Unfortunately, a record number of us are out of work. Today, our own governments destroy jobs with regulations and taxes. Politicians tax nicotine and alcohol so we won’t smoke and drink. They tax and regulate industry so that millions of us are forced onto welfare and dependency. It is easy for politicians to control the unemployed because few of us will vote against the hand that feeds us.

Men and women are different from each other. I’ll shock you again and say that fathers and mothers matter to children. Rich men and women will argue that they can have sex when and where they want, and then pay money to clean up their mess. Our modern sexual culture lets rich people buy the sex and children they want, rather than be the partners and parents their children need. Poor people pay the heaviest price as our sexual culture adopts the social norms that make the rich feel comfortable for their sins.

Government schools promote the views of the ruling government. If you look at California textbooks, you would never know that blacks were slave owners and that the Republican party was formed to oppose slavery. You would never know that industry and capitalism raised the middle class out of rural subsistence farming. Government schools erase those inconvenient truths while promoting their special interests and political agendas.

Global warming is a very well-funded lie. Big government bought all the confirming research they wanted. Global warming is an excuse to tell us where we must live, how we must live, and how much bribe money the rich countries must pay to dictators in poor countries. I am asking you to stop playing angry birds so you can figure out that driving a Prius doesn’t save cute animals. I’m begging you to think harder.

The power to regulate is the power to destroy. Politicians receive huge kickbacks from businesses as the businesses pay bribe money. Many businesses support the politicians in power so the businesses can remain in business. Some businesses, like Wall Street investment banks, have turned that into a business model as they seek special regulatory favors. Hillary Clinton and her multi-million-dollar “speaking fees” are simply the most prominent of recent examples.

Obamacare raised prices and destroyed medicine. Obamacare produced HUGE kickbacks to politicians from drug and medical insurance companies. That wasn’t an accident. That was the plan.

Money talks, but we can recognize when moneyed interests lie to us. Recently, a few rich billionaires paid for an anti-gun movie. Their so-called documentary was really an anti-gun infomercial. The movie was slick and professionally produced. It would be easy to believe their propaganda if you didn’t know the facts. Fortunately for us, the facts are at our fingertips. The movie was withdrawn from circulation.

Politicians and the media want to control what we think and do. Government regulation is a profit center for politicians of both parties. Politicians want “regulation” so they can raise campaign contributions as we then pay money and lobby to keep our freedom. It is sobering once you understand that most politicians and celebrities work for their benefit, not for ours.

This is an election year, so the lies will run deep and fast. The antidote is simple and probably at your fingertips right now. It is up to us to sort the truth from the lies. We can, and we do. Stay curious, my friends.

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