Students CRYING Over This Conservative Speaker Get A HILARIOUS Surprise

Published on June 2, 2016

You will laugh out loud when you see the surprise that these liberal college students are getting from a Republican group on campus. Do you love this?

Students at the University of California, Irvine, are planning to distribute baby pacifiers to a liberal student group who is planning a “safe space” event ahead of Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos’ upcoming visit to campus.

According to a press release by the UCI College Republicans, the student group has plans to combat political correctness by distributing pacifiers at a safe space event that was organized by the administration in response to Yiannopoulos’ upcoming stop of “The Dangerous Faggot Tour” which is scheduled for Thursday, June 2.

The statement from the UCI College Republicans cited President Obama’s 2015 criticism of campus coddling culture in which he condemned students for rejecting texts and speaker that they find offensive. “I don’t agree that you, when you become students at colleges, have to be coddled and protected from different points of views, Obama said in a town hall event in Des Moines, Iowa in 2015.

The entire statement from the UCI College Republicans can be read below.

UCI – Members of the UCI College Republicans are aggressively combating “Political Correctness” by distributing 100 infant baby pacifiers at a school Administration directed “safe zone training” event that was created in response to the club bringing conservative speaker Milo Yiannopoulos to campus.

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