WATCH: Bad Asses CATCH ‘Migrant’ Shoplifter … How They Detain Him Is HILARIOUS

Published on June 2, 2016

This is what happens when a Muslim migrant messes with the wrong people and chooses to shoplift at the wrong store. You’re going to love how they detained him.

A police spokesman has confirmed that officers are considering charging the migrant for his abusive behaviour, and the three vigilantes for unlawful detention.

In the video, a young man in casual dress can be seen wielding two bottles — which appear to contain wine — and arguing with the store attendants who want him to pay for his purchases before leaving. The man had already confronted staff over a prepaid phone call card he had been unable to activate.

In desperation, one member of staff suggests to another to call the police — to which they wearily reply officers had already been to the store twice that day.

The film then shows the entry of a three members of a so-called “Bürgerwehr” (people’s militia) — strongly built gentlemen who wrestle the bottles from the hands of the would-be thief.

As he is being bundled out of the store, the so-called “refugee thief” shouts “pigs!” at the men, while they remark as he is bundled off “out you go!”

Police report that after the man was taken out of the store, the vigilantes used cable-ties to restrain the man pending the arrival of officers.

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