WATCH: Navy SEAL B*TCH Slaps CNN’s Bob Beckel On STOPPING Mass Shootings

Published on June 22, 2016

This Navy SEAL went into the liberal Lion’s den in a discussion on CNN about gun control after the Orlando shooting. Watch the exchange take place below.

Former Navy Seal Carl Higbie was asked by Camerota to share his thoughts on gun control.

“I think the fact is that if you had security guards at that club that were carrying firearms, bullets going in the other direction always has stopped criminals from being armed and carrying out further acts of violence,” he said.

Seemingly agitated, the CNN anchor noted that the club did have one armed guard. “Carl, Just answer that. There was an armed security guard there and this time it didn’t stop the gunman.”

Higbie countered that the problem isn’t guns, it’s radical Islamic terrorism. “So let’s look at the fact here that they’re trying to blame guns for this whole thing,” he said. “You don’t blame Boeing for the planes hitting the towers [on 9/11]. You don’t blame spoons for people getting fat. … Let’s stop blaming guns and let’s start blaming the ideology.”

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