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WATCH: Neighbors MOCKED Texas Prepper Until The FLOOD Came … He Was SAFE And They Were Sorry

When a Texas man started setting this up outside of his house, his neighbors thought that he was crazy — but now, he’s having the last laugh. Take a look at what happened to him in the midst of devastation.

ROSHARON, Texas – Of the thousands of homes evacuated and damaged by flooding in Brazoria County, one family’s home is high and dry on West FM 1462 in Rosharon.

Randy Wagner decided to take a chance on something called an Aqua Dam, a product he discovered online.

Rosharon, and many parts of Brazoria County were filled with military vehicles and airboats to facilitate mandatory evacuations when the Brazos River began to overflow.

“Your family being relocated and you know it’s heartbreaking to know that that could happen,” said Wagner.

Wagner was determined to find a way to save his home, after Brazos River Authority warned residents of the approaching floods that hadn’t been seen in decades.

“To not know what that level was going to stop at, I needed to prepare for something that no one has seen,” said Wagner.

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