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WHOA: Lady Goes OFF On Blacks Via Facebook … Check Out What HAPPENED To Her

Do you think this employer would have done the same thing if a black woman was saying things like this about white people? Check out what happened to this woman after she went off on a Facebook rant:

A Bank of America worker has been fired after posting a vile racist rant on Facebook.

Christine McMullen Lindgren, who works at a branch in Atlanta, Georgia, said ‘f***ing n*****s’ should ‘go back to Africa’ in her offensive online tirade.

‘I hate Facebook for this reason you f***ing n****rs. And yes, if [you] can call each that well I can too.

‘F***ing n****r go back to Africa. Get over your pity party. You created this hatred and your own kind that brought your great-great-parents [sic] over here and sold them.

‘Do something with your lives and your children’s lives. I’m sure you don’t work, collect welfare and teach hatred.

‘Your poor children. All five of them you can’t afford because I pay for them.’

It is not clear who Lindgren, 57, was specifically aiming the sickening abuse at.


Here was how her employer, Bank of America, responded:

Read more: Daily Mail

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