ACTOR ANTONIO SABATO: Calls Obama A Muslim And NOT A Christian, Do YOU Agree?

Liberal heads are spinning after this hispanic soap star just slammed Obama and his love for Islam. Do you agree with him? Or do you think he’s completely wrong?

Soap star Antonio Sabato Jr., who lauded Donald Trump during his own speech before the GOP convention Monday as someone who ‘shares my beliefs and my faith’ also claimed in an interview that President Obama is ‘absolutely’ a Muslim.

‘This guy has made it really hard for me to support him. First of all, I don’t believe that the guy is a Christian,’ Sabato told ABC News in a convention-hall interview.

‘I don’t believe that he follows the god that I love, the Jesus that I love, I think he has an agenda from the beginning,’ Sabato continued.

‘We had a Muslim president for 7 ½ years – absolutely,’

When pressed about Obama’s trips to church and repeated statements about his own Christian faith, Sabato claimed inaccurately that Obama has never spoken about Jesus.

‘No he doesn’t. Actually he does not attend church. Actually he’s never talked about Jesus Christ once. I have met a lot of Christians. I know Christians. I am one and I don’t believe he is.’

Pressed for the foundation of his views, Sabato said, ‘It’s in my heart – I just see it for what it is. The Middle East – he’s with the bad guys. He’s with them. He’s not with us.’ 

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