AMERICA: Do YOU Think Hillary Or Trump Will ‘Make America SAFE Again?’

Published on July 18, 2016


The RNC has announced their theme — to ‘Make America Safe Again.’ Who do you think would do a better job at that: Hillary or Trump? Who would you trust in a time when our nation faces so many security threats?

CLEVELAND, Ohio — It’s President Barack Obama’s fault, and Hillary Clinton’s, and their party that “has left us vulnerable.”

That sentiment, and a vow by Donald Trump’s campaign to “Make America Safe Again,” will be the Republican National Convention’s theme Monday night, Republican convention and political leaders announced late Sunday.

From their announcement:

“From attacks on our own soil and overseas to the tragedy in Benghazi, the policies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have left us vulnerable. Our immigration system is broken, leaving our country open to security threats and the negative consequences of illegal immigration. A Donald Trump administration will listen to and learn from our nation’s heroes who have put themselves in harm’s way and pursue a national security strategy and foreign policy that will strengthen our military and make America safe again.”

No specific mention was made in the announcement of the murder Sunday of three police officers by a gunman in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but officials from both political parties had decried the attacks earlier in the day and Trump addressed them on Twitter.

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