Why Is The Regressive Left Cool with This ANTI-WHITE Prejudice?

Written by Kenn Daily on July 29, 2016

One of the few advantages of being old, fat, ugly, and broke is the unlikelihood that I’ll ever be enmeshed in a sex scandal.

Nonetheless, it’s refreshing when I stumble upon another human being who is arguably uglier than me.

That person, as seen in the photo, is a heretofore little known British bureaucrat named Angela Gibbons.

Gibbons was disciplined this week for calling Britain’s Prince George a f*****g d******d” on the Internet.

Considering Gibbons is an executive at the taxpayer-funded British Council, an organization whose purpose is to promote the UK abroad, the discipline is well deserved.

Prince George, by the way, recently celebrated his third birthday.

So what prompted the unwarranted attack on a toddler?

It seems the little boy is cursed with (a) being white and (b) being male. That qualifies him, as described by Gibbons, to be the quintessential privileged white male f*****g d******d”.

Gibbons evoked the term “white privilege” to describe the little boy on her personal Facebook page. It’s innate, she said; then ranted about the monarchy in general as archaic in a democratic society.

Granted, the whole idea of a monarchy in a republic seems a waste of taxpayer money. Americans figured that out 240 years ago.

But keep in mind that Gibbons earns — excuse me — is paid £80,000 (about $105,000) from the government till; money taken from taxpayers to support her job that, quite frankly, is less vital to the British economy than the monarchy. At least the House of Windsor is a money-turning tourist attraction.

It’s safe to conclude that Prince George is an innocent little boy; not a f*****g d******d”.

Gibbons, on the other hand, may be nothing more than an overpaid f*****g b***h.

• White privileged, by the way, is a far-left invective created to excuse hating white people. In the Marxist Book of Mental Delusions, all white people are innately privileged and racist whether they know it or not, regardless of age or economic status.

White privilege is only one of many fantasies propagated by the predatory left. Collectively, I call them “cultural Marxist myths”.

• Years ago the radical left began proliferating the terms “prejudice” and “stereotype” to impose guilt upon the minds of white people who, the left insisted, are guilty of being prejudiced towards black people who are stereotyped by whites as criminals.

Note that the word “prejudice” means to “pre-judge”. To presume all white people are innately racists who are smitten with white privilege is to prejudge; to be prejudice. ‘White privilege’ is a stereotype. Prejudice, or pre-judging, is what Gibbons did to little Prince George.

• Another myth manufactured in the minds of cultural Marxists is climate change.

I’m actually old enough to remember when regressives traumatized us by fretting over a nuclear freeze. The arms race — us vs. the USSR — would culminate in a nuclear war that would turn planet earth into an orbiting ice ball. The solution, they said, was unilateral disarmament.

Fortunately, Ronald Reagan saw through the hoax and stared down the Soviets. The outcome was no nuclear freeze, but a thaw in the cold war. We won.

The global nuclear freeze then surrendered to the global warming hoax. Free-market capitalism, they insisted, was heating up the atmosphere and endangering everything from pygmies to polar bears. The culprit, they claimed, was CO2 emissions. It turns out that spewing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere actually contributed to crop production and, in 2015, the world’s poverty level dropped below ten percent for the first time in human history.

The globe, it turns out, is not warming. That prompted the Marxist myth makers to reinvent their sky-is-falling scenario to “climate change.”

• The population explosion was another hoax propagated by the far left.

This scenario imagined that the burgeoning world population (blame free market capitalism) would tax the food supply and lead to devastating famine. Oddly, when hordes of illegal aliens began pouring through our nation’s porous borders, the far left decided an exploding population wasn’t so bad after all, particularly in the United States where newly arriving Latinos would give birth to generations of future Democrats.

It turns out the population explosion has been a net positive. Again, world poverty levels dropped below ten percent for the first time ever just as the population passed 7.3 billion.

There is a remarkable correlation between the population explosion and the life-enhancing technology explosion.


One percent of the world’s population has a genius IQ of about 140 or higher.

At the time of Christ, when the world’s population was 300 million, there were 3-million geniuses spread across the globe.

Today the world population is 7.4 billion, meaning there are 74-million geniuses. As the population grows, the number of geniuses increases and technology advances in direct proportion in free markets.


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