BREAKING: Assad Says Obama ‘Is Not Serious’ About Defeating ISIS … But THIS Country Is

Published on July 14, 2016

Syria’s President just proved on the world stage that Obama is a coward in the face of ISIS — do you agree with him?

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad has accused the United States of not being serious about defeating ISIS.

He said Russian military support for his regime had ‘tipped the scales in his favour’ and he said he was confident he would reclaim the whole of his country ‘within months’.

Assad said President Vladimir Putin had not demanded anything of him but just wanted his regime to help defeat the ‘terrorists’.

Putin is due to meet US Secretary of State John Kerry in Moscow later today and it is thought the future of Assad in Syria will be on the agenda.

But Assad denied they would be reaching a deal which would be ‘bad news’ for him and he said he had never been pressured to go by Putin.

‘Only the Syrian people define who’s going to be the president, when to come, and when to go. They (the Russians) never said a single word regarding this,’ he said in an interview with NBC.

Assad claimed the US did not have the same determination as the Russians to defeat ISIS.

‘They’re not serious,’ he told interviewer Bill Neely.

Assad said: ‘I cannot say I welcome the unseriousness of the illegal American airstrikes.’

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