BREAKING: FBI Warn That BLACKS Are Planning A Cop Killing ‘PURGE’

Published on July 10, 2016

Police are now preparing to deal with violent protesters whoa are planning a ‘purge.’ Do you think police officers need to protect protect themselves now more than ever before? It is a dangerous time to be a cop.

Protests over the police shootings of two black men have raged on for a fifth night, with officers on edge after warnings spread of a planned cop-killing ‘purge’.

Angry demonstrations continued in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where street seller Alton Sterling was pinned down and shot by two white police officers on Tuesday morning.

Marches and vigils have taken place every night since then and continued earlier on Saturday, with furious protesters confronting – and being arrested – by armed police.

The heated confrontation saw lines of police officers come face-to-face with huge crowds of demonstrators, with protest leaders stepping in between the two packs to appeal for calm in scenes that harked back to the civil rights movement.

Officers were on high alert after the FBI noticed social media posts warning of a ‘Baton Rouge Purge’ throughout Saturday night. According to the rumors, there was just one rule to the violence: ‘Kill every police.’

Fireworks and rocks were thrown at police in St Paul, Minnesota – where Philando Castile was killed by police – as protests turned violent there. Three cops were injured.

There were more protests across the country, with demonstrations against police brutality in New York, San Francisco, Denver, Florida, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City and Rhode Island.

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