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BREAKING: Wikileaks Releases Hillary’s EMAILS On 4th Of July … Eat THAT Devil Woman!

Hillary Clinton is going to have a horrible Independence Day with this news — are you happy to see this finally released?

On June 16, Julian Assange said he would release emails captured from Hillary Clinton’s Secretary of State private email server that was not secure and he’s finally done it.

Wiki Leaks has her emails, and we are supposed to believe that the Russian’s, Chinese, Iranians, North Korean’s and ISIS never saw anything on her unsecured server. This is just too good. Hillary supporters will ignore it, but the undecided, independents won’t and believe or not, six percent of the populace determine the election.

So uhh…this looks like she wanted something sensitive sent as non-sensitive doesn’t it? You can search for more information, search here:

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 6.39.38 PM

Classified, or not, if you read them, there are quite a bit of government conversations, which I wouldn’t think we’d want our enemies to view our stance or thoughts!

From The Blaze:

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says his team’s upcoming leaks about Hillary Clinton could be enough to “proceed with an indictment,” but he’s not so confident that will actually happen.

“We have upcoming leaks in relation to Hillary Clinton,” he told Britain’s ITV. “We’ve accumulated a lot of material about Hillary Clinton. We could proceed to an indictment.”

As the presidential campaigns turn toward the general election, Donald Trump and the Republican Party will use the fact that Clinton is currently under FBI investigation for her use of a private email server to their advantage. And, regardless of his political persuasion, Assange and WikiLeaks may aide the GOP in doing that.

Assange has been a long-time critic of Clinton, who he once said “has a long history of being a liberal war hawk.” However, he is not convinced any amount of information will actually lead to an indictment of the former secretary of state.


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