BRUTAL: Here’s The #BlackLivesMatter TERRORIST’S 5 Slaughtered Victims

Published on July 8, 2016

Here are the fatal victims of the Dallas shooter who went on a rampage during a #BlackLivesMatter march. Do you support law enforcement now after seeing the danger that they face?

A patriotic and upbeat happy birthday wish to America was the final tweet sent from an Iraq War veteran police officer among the five murdered officers identified in the Dallas shootings.

Dallas Police Officers Patrick Zamarripa, Michael Krol, Senior Cpl Lorne Ahrens, Michael J. Smith and Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) police officer Brent Thompson were all killed in the downtown area of the city during a protest.

The final message posted to a Twitter account belonging to Zamarripa was on July 4, wishing the country a happy birthday.

Zamarripa, who was a U.S. Navy veteran that served in Iraq, patriotically wrote: ‘Happy Birthday to the greatest country on the face of this planet. My beloved America!’

He was the second officer identified as a victim in the shooting by one of his family members.

Police named the first victim as Thompson, 43, who was a six-year veteran of DART police.

Thompson is the first DART officer to ever be killed in the line of duty and had just been married to one of his fellow officer two weeks ago. He was also a grandfather.

The third deceased officer was identified as 40-year-old Krol who is originally from Michigan, but moved to Dallas in 2007 where he started working for the Dallas Police Department.

The last two remaining victims of the shooting were identified later in the afternoon on Friday Ahrens, 48, and Smith, 55.

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