Published on July 2, 2016

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Would you trust a self driving car after seeing what happened to this Navy SEAL? This is what every person’a worst nightmare is when riding in a self driving car.

A former Navy SEAL who has become the first person to die at the wheel of a self-driving car was chillingly filmed demonstrating that the car needed ‘no-hands’ in a clip he made just months before the fatal crash.

Joshua Brown, 40, died after his computer-guided Tesla Model S plowed into a tractor trailer on a freeway in Williston, Florida, in May.

A witness has claimed he was watching a Harry Potter movie when his Tesla collided with a truck while on autopilot.

Despite the claim, Tesla says it is not possible to play films on the vehicle’s touchscreen – however it is possible Brown was using another device.

In a video clip he made in October, he can be seen driving on the freeway, before waving his hands and saying: ‘Oh jeez, it’s doing it all by itself.’

The driver of the truck that Brown crashed into, Frank Baressi, said the Tesla driver was ‘playing Harry Potter on the TV screen’ at the time of the crash.

‘It was still playing when he died and snapped a telephone pole a quarter mile down the road,’ Baressi, 62, said.

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