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#DALLAS THUGS: Convenience Store Looted After #DALLAS Attack

Looters took advantage of the shootings in Dallas as an opportunity to raid a 7-Eleven store. Will this help to heal race relations in America? No.

DALLAS – A 7-Eleven convenience store in downtown Dallas was shut down as the mayhem following an attack on officers poured into its parking lot.

At least five police officers were fatally shot and several more were wounded by gunfire after shots rang out at a protest through downtown Dallas streets Thursday night.

Hundreds of people packed into the parking lot of a 7-Eleven at Griffin and San Jacinto as a massive police presence pushed crowds away from the chaotic scene of the attack.

News 8’s crews stationed near the 7-Eleven saw people taunting officers who were protecting the building. Many were drunk and some were believed to be stealing from inside the convenience store.

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