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DEAR FRENCH JUDGES: Your Wussification RELEASED A Terrorist Who Slit A Priest’s Throat During Mass

Does this make you want to trust Muslim refugees? This should be a stark warning to all of Europe from here on out — and if they don’t heed it, it will be to their own ruin. What the Muslim terrorist who killed a priest told this Judge is sickening.

The known ISIS terrorist who murdered a Catholic priest in northern France had told judges ‘I am not an extremist’ before being freed from prison to kill, it emerged today.

Shocking details about the lax manner with which 19-year-old Adel Kermiche was treated emerged following the slaughter of Father Jacques Hamel, 86, in Normandy.

Kermich was wearing an electronic tag, after serving part of his sentence for a range of terrorist offences including trying to join ISIS in Syria, and then being released in March.

Father Jacques had his throat cut on the altar of a church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, near Rouen, on Tuesday.

Both Kermich and his unidentified accomplice were then shot dead by anti-terrorist police. Authorities are trying to explain why it had been so easy for them to strike.

A psychological examination of Kermiche was carried out between October 2015 and February this year, during which he spoke freely about his motives and ambitions.

He outlined about his frail psychological state, saying he was regularly in hospital after suffering deep depressions and ‘other mental problems’.

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