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DEAR GRANDPA: Get A Gun And SHOOT The Next Thug Who Tries THIS On You

The unthinkable happened to this elderly man when he was headed to work early in the morning. The elderly man was sitting in his car simply doing his job when a thug came out of nowhere and began his vicious attack. Do you think it would have turned out differently if James Hayes was armed?

CORRYVILLE, Ohio (WKRC) – James Hayes was going to work at LaRosa’s early Friday morning, June 24, when a man he’d never seen attacked him.

It started when the man threw a rock at his windshield.

“I feel bad about it but only thing I’m glad that he didn’t actually kill me,” Hayes said.

Hayes said he’s worked at as a prep cook at LaRosa’s for 20 years. He routinely arrives at about 4 a.m. and parks in front of the restaurant to save a parking spot for the delivery truck. When the driver arrived, Hayes said he moved his car to the back parking lot and that’s when the man carrying a gas can approached.

“I don’t know what was wrong with him. He just came out of nowhere, threw the brick and started at me,” Hayes recalled.

A surveillance camera captured the attack. Hayes drew his cane in an effort to drive the attacker away and protect himself.

The attacker didn’t stop. He threw Hayes’s bag across the parking lot and then tossed a rock at his window and threw another one at his shoulder which knocked him to the ground. The man then beat Hayes with his cane.

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