DEAR HILLARY: Why Did YOU Build A BIG @SS Wall Around DNC Venue? Aren’t Walls ‘RACIST?’

Published on July 25, 2016

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Why is Hillary building a wall around the DNC venue? Shouldn’t she be building bridges instead? But then again, double standards are a norm for the Clintons.

Security at the Sports Complex during the Democratic National Convention next month will include “no-scale fencing” to enclose the Wells Fargo Center and Xfinity Live!, the Secret Service special agent in charge said in an interview Thursday.

But exact boundaries of the security perimeter around the sports arena, where the convention will take place July 25-28, are not yet finalized, Special Agent James Henry told

“We’re not quite there to talk about the perimeter yet,” Henry said. “We’re probably a couple weeks away from finalizing that. But expect some closures.”

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