Democrats Are Demanding Incivility — So Let’s GIVE It to Them!

Written by Paul Hair on July 4, 2016

Democrats demand incivility. So give it to them. Their nasty display on the House floor the other night is just the latest reminder of this.

Ignoring rules and common decency, the House Democrats rioted and took over the floor as they cried for the Republicans to allow a vote that would strip us of more of our rights. The utterly immoral Marxists even at times resorted to immature chants of “Shame!” in support of their cause.

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This vulgar display is typical of how Democrats operate. First, they attack something good and twistedly say that reform to it is “necessary.” Then, when people won’t give into them, they riot and say the opposition to their sinister demands is “evil”.

Simply put, Democrats believe that as soon as they make their latest demand everyone should give in to them. If we don’t, then we are “guilty” of obstructing “progress”. There is no debate with these religious fanatics.

On top of this, they always stick together no matter what. Liars, criminals, perverts, and worse are all welcome in their ranks because they are united in their cause.

The only thing worse than Democrats are Republicans and conservatives, who are doormats. Instead of insisting the House Sergeant at Arms do his job and bring order back to the floor, Republicans allowed the Democrats to run all over them. The Marxists may not have gotten the vote they demanded, but they achieved another information operations victory.

Media won’t demand a return to civility & decorum. Media won’t say things are getting vicious. Media just laughs.

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You cannot use reason, courtesy, and civility to deal with uncivil thugs. History shows this. General life experience does too.

Worthless conservatives and Republicans continue whining about the “vulgar” Donald Trump and how he has gained so much support despite his “coarseness” and “lack of decorum.” Sorry, but “vulgarity” is the only thing that works when facing a horde of uncompromising cretins like the left. And the fact that conservatives and Republicans have failed to grasp this for decades is why Trump exists. It’s why they have decisively lost every single political and cultural battle.

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Stop engaging with Democrats. They are enemies who will always hate us and work towards our destruction. Give them the fight they want and the incivility they demand.

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Paul Hair
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