DONALD TRUMP JR: ‘The BEST Unity I Saw Was EVERYONE Booing Cruz OFF Stage’

Published on July 21, 2016

Donald Trump Jr. has 11 words for those who think Ted Cruz’s speech at the RNC was the right thing to do. Do you agree with him? Was there more unity when Cruz being booed off the stage than ever before?

When it comes to unity at the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump Jr. said look no further than Ted Cruz’s reception Wednesday night.

Once it was clear that Cruz would not endorse Donald Trump at the conclusion of his speech, the crowd booed him off stage.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity later asked Trump Jr. why Cruz was allowed to speak if he had no plans to endorse. Trump’s son said it was because his father is someone who lets people speak their mind.

But then, Trump Jr. offered no sympathy to the former primary foe of his father.

“The best unity I saw was everyone booing him off the stage, because I think everyone else in here has the sense to realize that the No. 1 goal is to make sure that we beat Hillary Clinton,” he said.

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