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HEY, OBAMA: Try Telling The Citizens Of #Nice, ‘ISIS Is On The RUN!’

Do you think that Obama should try telling the citizens of Nice that ISIS is on the run? That would sure be awkward.

Here’s a flashback to when Obama declared just that:

John Bolton feels that Obama is delusional about ISIS:

On Breitbart News Saturday at the Iowa Freedom Summit, former Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said President Barack Obama is “delusional” for declaring in his State of the Union address last week that ISIS was on the run.

Noting that ISIS just executed a Japanese hostage this weekend and citing recent terror attacks in Paris, Bolton said that Obama can talk about terrorists being on the run, but “it’s obviously not true.” Bolton said Americans are hearing about the ISIS beheadings and reading reports about ISIS gaining strength in the Middle East and wondering, “who’s defending our country?”

In his State of the Union address, Obama declared that American leadership and “military power” in Iraq and Syria were “stopping ISIL’s advance.”

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