‘Unintentional Hillary’ vs. The Law — A Different Standard for Her Than for the Rest of Us

Written by ++++Allen on July 6, 2016

Since when does “Intent” or “carelessness” excuse you, Joe Citizen, from legal problems? Our FBI director jus declared Hillary Clinton innocent of all wrongdoing with her emails. A scandal that the media has been obsessed with for over a year now. Well, Slippery-Hillary, not unlike her husband Cheating-Bill, has just pulled off the biggest deception in America’s history, all aided and abetted by the FBI director James Comey. He has just cleared Hillary, of any legal charges, by stating that she was simply being careless or in his words “extreme carelessness”; and also that her “intentions” were innocent…WTH? Since when does anyone know someone else’s intention?

Ok, Joe Citizen, next time you get pulled over by the law while speeding in your car, try the Comey defense, it worked for Hillary. Officer, I was careless, I was speeding, but my intentions were innocent. See if that gets you out of a ticket…I would bet not! Or have you ever heard of a murder defense based on “innocent intentions? I didn’t think so.

Ok, so is it just me? Or where are the consequences of breaking the law? Comey did say in a roundabout way of course, that Hillary did break the law…although innocently. Our United States FBI director just gave Hillary the ultimate dumb-blond defense ever; shocking.

But don’t you expect any kid-glove treatment that Hillary garnered. Again this circus of un-justice clearly shows us again, that there is a separate rule of law for them, versus us.

Image: photo credit: Hillary Clinton, Gabrielle Giffords & Ruben Gallego via photopin (license); Gage Skidmore

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