How Obama Is Using the #Dallas Tragedy to Help BURY This Story

Written by Wes Walker on July 13, 2016

In Dallas, and in the rising tensions with escalating activism lately, we are in yet another crisis. The news is real, and deserves much of the attention it is getting. But do not for one moment think that Obama, his staff and a complicit media are not well aware of the opportunity this affords them. As usual, they are using it for what they do best: Misdirection.

While we are all looking over here, the magician’s hands are at work making something disappear over there. It’s the classic trick of a stage performer. Or a three-card monte con man. Or our sitting President.

With Presidential pomp and circumstance he came to a ceremony marking the deaths of five uniformed officers. It is to be expected, of course, and no President would dare to have done otherwise. He has also contacted the families of the two men fatally shot in encounters with police just before the Dallas Ambush.

To my knowledge, the President has NOT contacted the families of any of the 18 killed in Chicago thus far in July, nor the 314 killed this year to date in that city (despite the fact that he once bragged about being a “community organizer” in that very community). A cynical observer might read something into who he does — and does not — call with condolences.

Alright, so the big days came, Obama stepped into the limelight, and tried to take the mantle of reconciler. It’s hard to take such speeches seriously when he has — only last week — thrown the entire police force under the bus yet again. In front of the whole world, he was condemning as “systemic” the racism that “must” be mentioned in the context of those two fatalities.

This from the same man who steadfastly defends the reputation of a certain “religion of peace” each and every time zealots further the bloodthirsty tradition of their Prophet of the Sword — although body counts may vary. Clearly, the President doesn’t want an entire group to pay for the sins of a single individual. (Unless it is politically expedient to do so.)

He is making good use of this opportunity to misdirect our attention. Is there an effort to “change the channel” on the Hillary fiasco? Probably. To have Comey’s statement about not recommending charges be the last word? Is it so that Trey Gowdy’s exposure of Hillary’s lies and willful intent had no time to gain traction in the public mind? That possibility has crossed my mind.

But those are both domestic issues. A good magician keeps you looking at the off hand.

Did you happen to hear that the Germans made an announcement a few days ago? About Iran? Probably not. According to German Intelligence Reports, Iran has been attempting to procure nuclear equipment, and they have been making such attempts AFTER that infamous deal was signed with Obama.

The official story is that Iran is doing nothing wrong. But House Intelligence Committee member Mike Pompeo (R) says Iran’s behavior indicates that it is not abiding by the nuclear deal:

“The latest German intelligence report on Iran’s efforts to secure nuclear and missile technology and material is extremely troubling. While the Obama administration deletes public videos and alters transcripts related to the nuclear deal, at least our allies are speaking out on the threat from Iran’s nuclear program.”

The Jerusalem Post edition of the story says Iran was seeking “chemical and biological weapons technology in Germany.”

Is there more to the story? Of course there is. The rest of the story is HOW we wound up with that miserable Iran deal in the first place. It’s a part of the larger story that you might have missed. We were all talking about toilets or something at the time.

Turns out that White House National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes openly bragged about manipulating the press to to lie for the Administration about the Iran deal. The press were Obama’s patsies, and the public — in their turn — were patsies to the Press.

“Most transparent government ever”, right Obama?

Remind me: how long is it again, before you leave? I can hardly wait.

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