Obama’s The 1st Black & GAY President And The 1st EVER To Not See One Year Of THIS

Published on July 29, 2016

Obama said he wanted to be the anti-Reagan. He sure has done that — and more. Of all the objective ways by which success can be measured, not even Carter had uglier numbers in this category:

Barack Obama will be the only U.S. president in history who did not deliver a single year of 3.0%+ economic growth.

Obama will be lucky to average 2% growth in his final year in office.

According to Louis Woodhill, if the economy continues to perform below 2.67% GDP growth rate this year, President Barack Obama will leave office with the fourth worst economic record in US history.

Assuming 2.67% RGDP growth for 2016, Obama will leave office having produced an average of 1.55% growth. This would place his presidency fourth from the bottom of the list of 39*, above only those of Herbert Hoover (-5.65%), Andrew Johnson (-0.70%) and Theodore Roosevelt (1.41%)

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