PATRIOTS: Should We VET Immigrants Using A RELIGIOUS Test?

Published on July 31, 2016

The left wants you to believe that Trump is full of crap when he suggests a ‘religious test’ for immigrants from jihad-friendly countries, including a temporary ban until a proper test is in place.

Well, maybe it’s not Trump that’s full of it.

Leftists want to double down on bringing in refugees — REFUGEES! These are the same people that have been tearing Europe to pieces for the last year. Have the Leftists read any European headlines lately?

They scold us for wanting a ban and tell us that it’s unconstitutional.

They are wrong:

Andrew McCarthy writes about Article VI and why a ‘religious test’ for immigrants is NOT unconstitutional and why it might be needed.

…Promotion of assimilation and fidelity to the Constitution have been historical bedrocks of immigration policy. Indeed, before immigrants are naturalized as citizens, they must swear what is pointedly called an “oath of allegiance.” It calls on them to renounce any foreign sovereigns by whom they have been ruled, and to honor our Constitution — principles that are inimical to sharia supremacism…

…while Western societies are based on tolerance and pluralism, modern Islam’s most influential iterations are intolerant conquest creeds that rigorously resist assimilation. Islamist leaders exhort Muslims to integrate into the West but oppose our culture and plant the flag of sharia. Before our eyes, the practice of this “voluntary apartheid” strategy is tearing Europe asunder.

Read more: National Review

Newt Gingrich cut right to it when he said that ‘Sharia is incompatible with Western civilization’:

Succinctly put, Gingrich lays out the reason why Trump is right: those that ascribe to Sharia law are unable to fulfill the requirements of the oath of allegiance.

McCarthy goes on to take Trump’s position a step further — something that many Americans have been calling for:

“But if, in an era of jihadist violence, we cannot seriously vet immigrants to determine whether they fit this bill, it would be better to have a categorical ban. And if, based on an illiterate construction of the Constitution, the political class insists that its fictional “no religious test” rule forbids not only a categorical ban but the heightened scrutiny of Muslim aliens, it would be better to prohibit immigration across the board.”

Read more:  The Federalist Papers


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